Performance Measurement

Making “intangibles” tangible

80% of organizational value is intangible. In 1970 it was 20%.

Mindsets, Behaviors, Leadership, Motivation, Skills, Collaboration, and Organizational Culture are among the most important “intangibles” that make up your organizational value. These are also key components of Strategic Organizational Development.

Intangibles are observable and measurable.

Using evidence-based behavioral science from economics, finance, management, psychology, and biology, we advise you on how to measure the tangible and intangible value drivers that support your strategic organizational development objectives.

Depending on your needs, we can help you improve your internal performance indicators or adapt our tools for your strategic goals.

What gets measured gets done

It is tempting to fall into the measurement trap. Too many indicators, surveys, and statistics may distract you and your employees. Make sure you understand the behavioral and performance impact of your chosen numbers.

Pimetrics Tool Kit

  • Strategic Organization Development Profile
  • 360° Strategic Leadership Development
  • Human Potential Management Readiness
  • Team Diagnosis
  • Emotional Competence