What does your governance say about your organization?

Your choice of governance structure, composition, and processes have a major impact on key processes.


It may seem obvious that your governance should be aligned with your strategy. And yet, human capital risk audits find numerous contradictions and barriers in most organizations. It is essential that you are aware of your risks and opportunities.


Your board composition and functioning send important signals about the behaviors and competencies your organization values. Make sure you know what these signals are and that they are aligned with your desired organizational culture.


Aligning your organization with ISO Standards (for example; ISO 22300 ) or 2020 SEC human capital management disclosure requirements means you may need to rethink your governance skill set and composition.


Diversity and inclusion requirements are becoming more frequent. Clients increasingly demand social responsibility. Regulators require diversity goals within a growing number of financial and quality standards. Diversity and inclusion are not just boxes to be checked or standards to be fulfilled. When done professionally and with the right mindset, diversity and inclusion contribute to individual, organizational, and societal prosperity.