Organizational Culture

Do you have the organizational culture you deserve?

Your current Organizational Culture reflects the mindset and behaviors you have modeled, rewarded, and encouraged through your Governance, Strategic Leadership, and Human Potential Management Practices.

The “right” organizational culture is a major competitive advantage

Understanding the added value of your current organizational culture and reflecting upon the culture or cultures you want and need for the future is a worthwhile strategic organizational development goal. By monitoring and continuously adapting your organizational culture, you will achieve the agility and business continuity you need to maintain focus on strategic goals and on client and stakeholder needs.

Sometimes “one organizational culture” is not desirable

Organizations are dynamic and organic structures that can grow and adapt. Sometimes leaders or organizational processes hinder this ability by forcing all departments and teams into similar or identical structures. It is possible to have internal coherence and allow for team and department variability.

External Advisory is crucial for culture change. Find out more about our Habit Labs, a team development approach that can jump start your culture change.