Human Capital Risk Audit

Is your organization ready to achieve its future strategic objectives? Will you survive the next crisis? Are you allocating resources where they have the most impact?

If business continuity and organizational resilience are priorities, then a human capital audit is a good place to start.

Focus your energy and resources

Continuous improvement and change are relatively straightforward processes when you have a strategic organizational development overview and understand the interdependencies that successful initiatives should incorporate. A human capital audit, using a multi-frame diagnostic framework, provides such an overview. By understanding your strengths and development opportunities in relation to your strategic objective, it is possible to propose strategic initiatives the strengthen your core capacities while developing future capabilities.

Regular health and development checks for your organization

Although human capital audits are certainly useful at critical junctures, they also serve as a baseline if you want to implement regular organizational health and development checks. Our Strategic Organizational Development Tool allows you to track progress on key components and thereby adjust your resource allocation and initiatives accordingly. These measures can also be incorporated into your business AI.